Live Video Monitoring

Help protect your business with professional live CCTV security deterrence service at a fraction of the cost of an on-site security guard. Our team can watch multiple areas of your business at the same time and deter criminals before they have a chance to cause harm or property damage. 

Our Services

Live person CCTV video deterrence is just the start. 


Live Video Monitoring

Identify threats in real time and deter crime before it starts

Gate and Access Control

Our virtual guards can assist with gate control and access door control

Intelligent Analytics

Leverage facial recognition, geo-fencing, and virtual trip wires to control your property

Inventory Control

Make sure your employees are not stealing inventory or being negligent

Fast Response

Our live response allows our team to talk down criminals and initiate sirens even if your alarm system doesn't trigger

Inside Job Response

Standard security parameters make it hard to identify inside jobs. Our Advanced Analytics can help catch this big security risk


One of my security guards planned an inside job. LA Security stopped the crime before it happened!

Brady Huff


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